This heavy duty 8 foot rotary cutter is a great looking mower at an even better price! Its double-deck smooth–top design is the perfect unit for the farmer or right-of-way cutting contractor. Considered by many to be one of the best economically smart buys on the market today! Bush-Whacker welcomes the competition for the ST-104, and encourages potential buyers to compare our rugged build and top rated specs.


Gearboxes – 540 RPM 120 HP main or transfer box, 100 HP outboard boxes with 2 1/8” output shaft, malleable housing, forged alloy steel, carburized and hardened gears and shafts, tapered and ball bearings.
Slip Clutch – Heavy-duty spring type adjustment with two friction discs on main shaft, outboard protection by means of shock absorbing rubber disc connected with splined spiders which form a coupler.

Blades – 1/2” material, alloy spring steel, airlift design, free-swinging for clean cutting, mounted on shoulder bolts.

Two Tail Wheels – For 3 point hitch: Extra heavy-duty, tapered bearings, 4” by 8” laminated puncture-proof tires. For pull type: Extra heavy-duty, tapered bearings, 6” by 20” laminated puncture-proof tires.

Weight – 1,590 lbs.

Cutting Height – 2” to 13”

Cutting Width – 104” total cut, 57” cutting swathe to right of tractor center line and 47” to left of tractor center line.

Flat Steel Plate Sides – 1/4” Material Shaped to form sides of cutter.

Bush-Whacker Special Deck – 7 gauge lower deck & 12 gauge upper deck. The smooth, easy-to-clean top deck protects the inner support frame. Combined deck thickness is 0.2921″.

Shielded PTO & Outboard Shafts – Category 4 – Made from finest quality propeller shaft material and needle bearing universal joints.

Chair Guards Front & Rear

Heavy-Duty Category One or Two Hitch

Specifications listed are standard; however, any State Department of Transportation specifications that may differ from standard Bush-Whacker® specifications will take precedence and be implemented into production.

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